Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Rocking Horses and Some Spiffing News

Good evening!

So, I have been waiting until I knew everything was tickety-boo until I announced this, but here is the scoop...

I am going to be featured in the prestigious AOI Annual, Images 34 alongside fellow illustrators Chetan and Emma. A pretty big honour, if you ask me! This annual will also feature work by the fabulous Ralph Steadman.

On another note, I have lots of illustrations just itching to be released from my sketchbook! But in the meantime, here is a cropped image of a sketch for an interesting and terribly fun commission I have recently received from the Rockinghorse Appeal (following on from their ball in the winter).



  1. Aww, what a cute little horse, kinda like a grown-up my little pony.... in fact I think I used to have one in those colours! Is he going to be like a working/moving puppet type of thing, it looks like there are bits of technical detail with the arrows and stuff in the picture...

  2. Hehe, thanks! And good guess! It's still in the working out stages but it's coming together.

  3. Wow that is just great news! And the horse/pony looks great, I love the colours.

  4. Hi Wilkie! Thankyou very much for both, that's so sweet!

  5. wooo! I'm liking the look of the horse :)

  6. congrats to all of you!!!! :)


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