Saturday, 23 March 2013

York and Yours Truly!

Good afternoon!

It has been very busy in my little studio lately! I have lots more to bring you soon but before I can do that, how about images of the mural for the 3Sixty space at the University of York? Completed in collaboration with the very talented Nik Morris,  this mural featured points of interest from the campus and local area and included students through the ages that were animated. Since this mural was projected around 4 walls, the illustration/animation was fully immersive and allowed viewers to find lots of new things as they explored. I really enjoyed creating these characters and adding lots of tiny little details, from authentic 60's cigarettes to the genuine scores of local sports teams!
 Here's a little character detail of the '60's students', and an image taken by Nik Morris from the projection itself.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the event itself (it sounded wonderful!) so I look forward to hopefully bringing you some footage of it soon. I will also add the image to my website so you can study it at your leisure!
 In other news, I have a little image in the latest Dolls' House Magazine! It was a piece about childhood toys that required an image of my beloved 'pet cat' (unconventionally I rejected Bears in favour of a black Cat that I still have to this day). And yes, that is me with the 80's fringe from the crown. Here is the image and the article itself in case you wish to read the whole story. You can as ever purchase the issue is is contained in by clicking here.

That's all for now, but as I say, I have lots of really fun images to bring you soon!

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