Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Eglentine, Eglentine, oh how you shine!

Good afternoon!

A little update on Eglentine's progress! Obviously she isn't finished yet... check back soon for more images!


Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Ooh, aah, just a little bit...

Yes, I know it's terribly late, but Christmas eve is very exciting! Have a looksie at Tobiah's work. It's just fabulous.



Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Stuffing, cranberries and an old bird.

Good evening!

Well, the soft sculpture beauty I have been working on is taking marvellous shape, I will post a photo when she is looking slightly more presentable. Yes, I say she, the model actually has a name even though she only has half a face. It's Eglentine, by the way (any 'Bedknobs' fans in?...).
It's probably the wrong stage to name a model, because needle felting by it's very nature is a process of repetitive jabbing with a sharp implement. So I'm sure it's unorthodox to give a sort of personality to the thing that I am stabbing in the face.

In the spirit of the season, enjoy a little festive treat from a recent sketchbook.

Have a lovely Christmas.


Monday, 15 December 2008

Tea for Two and Two for Tea

Hello boys and girls, and welcome to the first installment of my latest endeavour!
I must start by saying that I anticipate, unfortunately, that this little corner of the internet will be neglected from time to time, but fear not. This just means that I am burrowed away, toiling on something special (or procrastinating whilst thinking about the special thing I need to create).

I am currently working on a project that is taking blood, sweat and teas (that is not a typing error, mind). This means awake until stupid-o-clock, fumbling with little scraps of wadding and whatnot. Photographs will follow once the preliminary stage is complete and the aesthetic loveliness comes about. Since that's my favourite bit, I'm going to assume it's your favourite bit too and not bore you (at this early stage) with the messy guts of the project.

So on that note, please cast your peepers over some (relatively) recent work.


'The Man Who Laughs', in all his rough, unedited glory.

A sneaky peek at early roughs for a potential rebrand (commission).

''So macho, he's gotta be so macho...''. The soft sculpture Hard-Man.
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