Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Baba Yaga Sneaky Peek

Good evening!

Continuing in the sneaky peeks vein, I thought I would give away just a little bit more before the main images are revealed. Here she is, Baba Yaga from initial design to book character 'sneakypeek'. They always change a bit, I have come to terms with that! I've been toiling recently, with many cups of tea (which I am not complaining about because I really like tea) and not enough shut eye... so hopefully the results will be worthwhile.

Oh, and the Baba Yaga puppet pictures will be up soon, too, so it's all very exciting!



  1. I love it!!!!
    What did you use for her hair?

  2. Hello! Thankyou! :-D
    Just regular old string that had been sitting at the back of a drawer. I frayed it up and stiffened some sections with strong glue, too.

  3. They are so clever, must have taken you ages, i'm very impressed! really want to see them as part of the book hurry up and post it already.xxx

  4. Aaw thankyou! They did take quite a while! I will, don't worry. I hope it lives up to expectations! It'll have it's own ISBN too, I can't wait to take one into my library for the kiddies. :) Your Heron spreads look fabulous, by the way xxx


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