Saturday, 23 June 2012

Pic Show Press!

Good evening!

I can't believe how soon the exhibition is! Tearing myself away from the huge pile of pieces of paper and paints in order to write this blog post almost feels like a miniature holiday! There is a lot that goes into putting together a show like this. I hadn't realised just how much there is to organise; the work itself is such a small part! You can read a bit about the process in this informative blog post on The Young Creatives by fellow Pic Show exhibitor, June, by clicking here.
I am thrilled to be able to bring this to you all! The ever lovely Making Magazine have done a wonderful feature on my impending exhibition, right at the top of the news page in the latest issue! What an honour.

I'm also especially pleased with this month's illustrations for Making. The theme was 'festival chic', and I was asked to paint (among other things) a luscious sleeping bag for 'glamping'. It was really fun to add so much detail to this set of images... I'm not sure you'll get the full effect on the computer, so you may need to go and read the magazine itself. But it's so densely packed with lavish projects and articles that you won't be sorry you did! Can't wait to show you next month's piece, it's got to be one of my favourites so far!

Ok, more soon, including those sneaky peeks of my images for The Picture Show!


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