Thursday, 20 August 2009

UGG in da Club

Good morning!

This duo form part of my very last-minute entry to the Shelter House of Cards competition.

Since the brief was to design the 8 of clubs, my mind (addled with cold and flu medicine, cough cough) started working around the idea of Cavepeople- the 'original Clubbers'. So here they are, bopping away.

...I do love a good pun.

Update: Voting opens on the 22nd of August here so if you fancy voting for my design, the code is DH8O158. Merci beaucoup!



  1. this is great!!!! i got in with Amelia's magazine and wasn't allowed to enter the 8 of clubs... oh well!
    will vote for yours!!!! :)

  2. Hi Thereza, aw thankyou, that's so nice! :) Well done for being selected by Amelia's magazine, that's great! And thankyou for voting for my little design! x


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