Saturday, 29 August 2009

The Letter B

Good afternoon!

I have been working once again on a little piece for a Flickr illustrative collaboration. This piece, the letter B, is my contribution to an alphabet book for children aged between three and six. I may add more to it should I have time, but can you find all of the things beginning with B? Good luck- there's a few trickier ones in there too!

I have lots of commissioned work on my to-do list at the moment, so I will try and post updates for a couple of those projects very soon. Hopefully I will eventually get round to posting updates on those long awaited narrative roughs, and perhaps even the leprechaun concept images from a little while ago!



  1. Nice idea!
    I think you may like this picture of this fairy with the letter B by Cicely Mary Barker:

  2. Ah, the Flower Fairies! I do indeed love that picture, it's been a while since I saw any! Thankyou for the link- it brightened my day! :)

  3. I went through the whole thing to make sure I know all of my words that start with B and on my second way through I noticed the bowtie on the baboon. Nicely done.

  4. Hehe! Thankyou! Did you spot 'blinking' too?


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