Monday, 29 June 2009

Global Grey

Good afternoon!

Last week flew by with no blogging! I do apologise. I decided to create a mini test show-reel and plonk it onto Youtube. Be warned, it is quite clunky because I am familiarising myself with the software! But hopefully once I am better versed in it I should be able to produce some good work.

In other news, I have been featured on Steve Rack's 'I Like Characters' blog again. I have also been featured on Yvonne Perry's 'Writers In The Sky' blog under their list of illustrators. A big thankyou to both Steve and Yvonne! Please feel free to visit and comment on my work, if the mood strikes you.

I am currently working on a leprechaun commission (pictures to come soon!) and oodles more sketchbooking has been going on that I will share with you soon. Oh, and keep an eye on my website, as it's soon to be overhauled and revamped with lots of exciting little features and things to look at.

Phew! It's all go!



  1. hehehe what a soundtrack! haven't you been a busy lady!!! x

  2. Unfortunately I had to cut her singing out, which was a shame, it's a great song!
    Haha, yes I have found myself very busy! Hope D&AD pays off for you. x

  3. Well done! Liking when the young woman goes off with the old man at the end, lolol. Ps: Liking the new header! :)

  4. Aah, ta very much! :) You wait til I've revamped my site...

  5. Oooh, a video, how exciting! Well it's good to see that your efforts in the darkroom paid off, and I like very much the shiny new look blog. Looking forward to seeing the leprechauns! xxx

  6. Haha well, I hope so- the quality isn't amazing but it was worth the time put in! Thanks very much, I shall put pictures up poste haste! xxx

  7. Oooo sounds like everything is going well!! Nice. :)


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