Friday, 5 June 2009

Cats, Dogs and little green Frogs

Good afternoon!

I have been mixing up the dimensions lately, haven't I! Between 2 and 3d work I find myself a busy bee- here is a taster of some concept sketches I have been working on.

On a side note, I had decided to go and sit on the Southbank with some Peppermint Tea and sketch today, but the despicable weather has foiled my plans. However, this does mean that I am holed up in the studio. One of my puppets needs some fingers, pronto, and I am making lots of yummy little frogs to go into the shop. Snap them up quick when they get there though, I have had orders before they've even been finished!



  1. I love the cat! I had a cat called Didipuss from when I was four years old who looked very much like that. Thanks for reminding me of him!
    Kim xx

  2. Haha aww no problem at all! Didipuss is a great name for a cat, too. :) xx

  3. I ♥ the cat too.
    But the dog reminds me of my dog Lucy.
    And thank-you for the comment.

  4. Hello Wilkie!
    You are very welcome. I am so glad my animals make people think of some that exist in real life- that makes it very rewarding. :)

  5. Yeah Ween are really cool. The T-shirt glows in the dark too.

  6. I love the cat too! He looks mischievous! ;)


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