Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Don't Forget to Write!

Good morning!

I thought I would share the final images for my Ballad Of Magazine submission, after having posted a rough sketch a little while ago.
Since the theme was sending letters, I decided to illustrate this by drawing a Postman doing his morning round. Unfortunately for him, his post has attracted some undesirable attention from the Neighbourhood Canines!
I have since learned just how tricky it is to work on opposite sides of an envelope when the lines are supposed to join up. I also used watercolours for this piece, but discovered after roughing out the design that I have lost my most favourite tin! So I had to make do with a cheap emergency set.

I'm hopeful that the Watercolour Goblins will return my tin soon. Perhaps this will happen when I tidy up the studio a bit...


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