Thursday, 7 May 2009

Pesky Vermin!

Good afternoon!

I am now holed up in the studio working on a few commissions and projects, but thought that while I took a tea break I would give a little glimpse of my sketchbook.
For some reason I hate looking at my roughs. It always feels to me (in some small way) like they will be judged as if they are the final product. Obviously, this is not the case.
Anywho, I'll post again soon when I have emerged from under the reams of paper and pencil sharpenings.



  1. I really like them.
    So cool.

  2. thats one angry rock weasel, looking good!

  3. These are wicked, what are you making these for, exactly? I like the idea of angry little rock rodents!

  4. Hi! And thanks! :) The bottom one is for a contest, and the top one is for a client. Unfortunately can't say any more about that one at the mo as it's mid commission, but when he is finalised I can. :)

  5. I can tell you now he was made for a band logo for a new Frank Zappa covers band. That's why he has a little moustache. :)


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