Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Deseye and doodling

Good evening!

Some eagle eyed readers may have noticed a new addition to the motion section of misspearlgrey.com! It was my pleasure to work with Mari of MDLLS again, and (for the first time) Georgina Ferguson on an animation for Deseye, a hand painted eyewear company. I created the illustrations for the animation which was very cleverly designed, directed and animated by the other ladies.

I have been working on a real mixed bag of projects in the last few months- everything from business branding and logos to digital portraits! Among my commercial projects, I was recently asked to create a pitch featuring Barbra Streisand as the Queen! Both things I love, so that project has been great fun!

I firmly believe that practise does make perfect, and I love nothing better than catching little sketches on my travels. I hope you like this latest little peek into my sketchbook!

Stay tuned for a special feature on logos!


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