Friday, 10 December 2010

Bubbles at the Market

Good evening!

This is the last little post about my Canadian escapades, honest!
I visited a wonderful, buzzing market in a place called St. Jacobs, which had indoor and outdoor stalls where the Amish were working alongside 'regular' folk. All of the smells and colours were quite fantastic and it was a really brilliant trip!
I love to 'people watch', and there were some real characters! One such personality was a clown named Bubbles (I think I was drawn over by the balloon animals he seemed to be mass producing). Unfortunately it was very busy so I wasn't able to stand and draw any of the Amish people's beautifully understated outfits (photographing them isn't very polite so I refrained), but I did make a small observational sketch from a vantage point!

If you are ever in Southern Ontario, it's really worth a visit.


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