Saturday, 9 October 2010

Go, Team! / Whizz-Bang!

Good afternoon!

So, Autumn is here and the woolens have come out- I'm currently working on lots of projects in the studio, but it's been a little chilly! I'm also putting together a grand website redesign. It should be live very soon! Last night I worked on some balloon animals that will feature- I just love balloon animals!

Today I took some time out of the studio to head to the local Recreation ground and watch the resident Football team take on outsiders on their home turf. The players were moving so quickly that I didn't even try to capture them properly (perhaps another day), but there were plenty of characters on the sidelines. And an air horn, which I cleverly seated myself next to.

In the evening I wrapped up warm to attend a local Bonfire Society fireworks event. This involved a huge procession with people dressed as Tudors and Pirates carrying flaming torches down the Promenade! Apparently it's a very old custom to the South Coast. Afterwards a bonfire was set alight on the beach and there was a brilliant fireworks display- I was always too late to get a good photo! But I didn't mind because I had a polystyrene cup full of Tea and a lovely (if noisy) day.



  1. Loved balloon animals you shared on twitter last night! :) I look forward to seeing more! :D can't beat cosying up in autumn! :)

  2. Thanks my dear! There'll be lots of special things to see! :-)
    And you certainly can't. It's my favourite time of year!


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