Tuesday, 19 January 2010

What I Wore

Good morning!

Deary me, what a neglectful blogger I must seem! Welcome to the first post of 2010, everyone!
I have lots of new things to show you, so let's start with a little something from my current sketchbook to set the ball rolling. I have been sporadically producing images for Gemma Correll's 'What I wore Today' illustration group on Flickr.

This ensemble was for a soiree with some of my best friends on Friday. The illustrations need completing regularly or I have a tendency to forget what I was wearing during the week!



  1. I love that what you wore for the day included a glass of wine! hehehe

  2. I thought that was from Friday, you forgot to mention the bit when Fuad dropped some alcohol on your scarf! grrrr

  3. Tigz: I tend to find most of the best outfits do!
    Che: Haha! At least the outfit was recognisable! :)

  4. Ahhhh that was SUCH a good night! Will have to go out on the town dancing again sometime soon... and hopefully you'll be able to stick around long enough next time for the customary end-of-night Mc D's trip XD


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