Monday, 12 January 2009

British Library, Pearl Grey loves you!

Good evening!

What a wonderful day! A little while ago, a project required the tracing of an old fairy tale I read as a bairn. Well, it was quite grisly in detail (by today's standards) and I did begin to doubt whether the details recalled were accurate.
But all hail the British Library! Their lovely and very knowledgeable staff have managed to track it down for me. It turns out that the story I had been thinking of was called 'The Hobyahs' and it's a very old folk tale. There are several versions from what I can ascertain, I seem to recall a version which sees the old man putting his canine companion back together again, and no little girl (but the old lady being carted away instead). I did find such a version online too (isn't the internet sometimes a beautiful gift?)

You can read the story here in order to find out what I'm wittering on about:


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